Most cars’ journey through a single life cycle—from launch to midterm update to giving way to something newer—can be tracked through the massaging of fascias, tweaks to head- and taillights, and updates to the available color palette. In the case of Chrysler’s second-generation 300 sedan,... (Read More...)

Along with the actual wheels, the manual transmission is among the least-evolved components of a modern car. A brand-new 2015 model’s stick shift has a whole lot in common with the three-speed gearbox you’d find in a car built 70 years ago. While the technology may be... (Read More...)

’Tis the season, apparently, to get hacky. In the wake of the Wired story that saw a Jeep Cherokee in a ditch after pair of hackers took control of the ute remotely via a UConnect vulnerability comes the announcement of OwnStar, a little black box... (Read More...)